The Second Game of Thronesday: Thoughts on The Imp

Skipping another Top Ten Tuesday to, instead, talk about A Game of Thrones.  I’m still currently on the third book A Storm of Swords and I still feel like I’m trudging along, although I feel that there is much less trudging in this book.  Probably because so much is happening what with Jon dealing with identity issues, Arya so close and yet still so far from her family, Robb screwing everything up politically for the Starks, Bran heading North, and Sanya having to marry the Imp.  That’s not even going into half the other plots being weaved together.

I think today, however, I’d like to focus on the Imp aka Tyrion Lannister.  He is a member of my least favorite house and yet is one of the characters I get the most enjoyment out of reading.  I’ve liked Tyrion for awhile now, at least since the first book.  He’s a fun character to follow and manages to be evil and sympathetic at the same time.  Of course, he got bonus points from me when he continued to threaten Joffrey.  He reminds me a lot of some of my favorite Shakespeare villains (Iago and Richard the III come to mind) in that he is completely devious, but you still end up feeling a bit of sympathy for him in the end.  He’s always been treated as the outcast and seeing how bad the rest of his family is, you start to feel sorry for him.  True, he is crude, manipulative, and deceptive, but his appearance means that he has always been treated as “inferior” and as such has had to work for everything that has been given to him (and even THAT sometimes doesn’t work in his favor).  I enjoy the fact that while he does “love” his family, he hardly puts them first.  I think the only person Tyrion cares about is himself.

A lot of the time I find myself hoping that Tyrion WILL be given the credit he deserves, but I very much doubt it.  This isn’t the kind of society that is going to give much to a dwarf.  Even his current marriage is a failure, since he won’t consummate the relationship with Sansa.  However, I really like the fact that he didn’t force himself on her since, given the nature of this series, it would not have surprised me if he had.  Still, Tyrion has a bigger heart than most of his family and that’s what makes him so sympathetic.  He doesn’t really deserve the treatment he gets since, aside from his deformed figure, he is quite a capable individual.  I suppose the Beauty and the Beast fan in me wants the relationship between Sansa and Tyrion to work out…but I really do not see it playing out that way.  It’s not as though Tyrion loves her either, he mostly just seems to be concerned for her well-being and not in getting her to care about him.

I suppose we’ll see where this particular plot goes though.  I certainly don’t see Tyrion slipping out of my favorite characters any time soon.


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