About Me

Hello, I’m Erica.  I have a BSE and MA in English and I’ve decided to try my hand at blogging and writing reviews.  I’m new to review writing and blogging so bear with me as I learn how to go about this.  I currently work as a substitute teacher most days but, more often than not, I’m simply seeking employment as a full-time teacher (wish me luck).

Outside the realm of academics I’m a single, 20-something female with a passion for reading, writing, and nerdy things.  I love superheroes, Starbucks coffee, and all forms of media.  I have a cat named Leopold and a fish named Strawberry.  I roleplay a lot online and like to think my Masters has given me some knowledge of literary analysis and a good taste in books.

I also suck at introductions as you can plainly see.


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