Ratings System

It occurred to me that I’ve been rating my books without fully explaining the rating scale.  This might get tweaked, but at least for now it is an idea of what I mean when I give something a “1 out of 5” or a “5 out of 5.”  The other stuff like “4 out of 5 zombie bears” is just for fun and I find it amusing.  Although, sometimes it’s easier to be clever than others.

1 – Didn’t Like It: I typically won’t give a 1 to something unless I just could NOT finish it.

2 – Meh: I made it through the book, but I will probably never look at this book again, ever.

3 – It was Ok: It wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible.  I probably have some complaints about it and probably won’t recommend it.

4 – Liked it: This is where I’ll probably be kind of gushy about a book.  I might have one or two complaints but over-all the experience was enjoyable.

5 – Awesome: Typically books I could NOT put down and made me excited and care about the characters’ and their struggles.



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