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The Second Game of Thronesday: Thoughts on The Imp

Skipping another Top Ten Tuesday to, instead, talk about A Game of Thrones.  I’m still currently on the third book A Storm of Swords and I still feel like I’m trudging along, although I feel that there is much less trudging in this book.  Probably because so much is happening what with Jon dealing with identity issues, Arya so close and yet still so far from her family, Robb screwing everything up politically for the Starks, Bran heading North, and Sanya having to marry the Imp.  That’s not even going into half the other plots being weaved together.

I think today, however, I’d like to focus on the Imp aka Tyrion Lannister.  He is a member of my least favorite house and yet is one of the characters I get the most enjoyment out of reading.  I’ve liked Tyrion for awhile now, at least since the first book.  He’s a fun character to follow and manages to be evil and sympathetic at the same time.  Of course, he got bonus points from me when he continued to threaten Joffrey.  He reminds me a lot of some of my favorite Shakespeare villains (Iago and Richard the III come to mind) in that he is completely devious, but you still end up feeling a bit of sympathy for him in the end.  He’s always been treated as the outcast and seeing how bad the rest of his family is, you start to feel sorry for him.  True, he is crude, manipulative, and deceptive, but his appearance means that he has always been treated as “inferior” and as such has had to work for everything that has been given to him (and even THAT sometimes doesn’t work in his favor).  I enjoy the fact that while he does “love” his family, he hardly puts them first.  I think the only person Tyrion cares about is himself.

A lot of the time I find myself hoping that Tyrion WILL be given the credit he deserves, but I very much doubt it.  This isn’t the kind of society that is going to give much to a dwarf.  Even his current marriage is a failure, since he won’t consummate the relationship with Sansa.  However, I really like the fact that he didn’t force himself on her since, given the nature of this series, it would not have surprised me if he had.  Still, Tyrion has a bigger heart than most of his family and that’s what makes him so sympathetic.  He doesn’t really deserve the treatment he gets since, aside from his deformed figure, he is quite a capable individual.  I suppose the Beauty and the Beast fan in me wants the relationship between Sansa and Tyrion to work out…but I really do not see it playing out that way.  It’s not as though Tyrion loves her either, he mostly just seems to be concerned for her well-being and not in getting her to care about him.

I suppose we’ll see where this particular plot goes though.  I certainly don’t see Tyrion slipping out of my favorite characters any time soon.


The First Game of Thronesday

So as you may have noticed I haven’t done a Top Ten Tuesday list in a while.  Mainly, because the past few memes posted haven’t exactly been something I can do a top ten list WITH but also because I will be honest and say I forgot a few times. On top of that (get it? top?) my reading has slowed down considerably due to a variety of factors including reading the Game of Thrones series.  And, since I want to be able to blog more than just once every week or so, I decided it might be interesting to spend one or two days a week talking about the Song of Ice and Fire series.

Welcome to A Game of Thronesday.  For starters, I am calling it that because I plan to do it on Tuesday and/or Thursday each week and it is shorter than going for “A Song of Ice and Firesday” (Friday).  It will be, as I said, a look into the series from my perspective every Tuesday (if I don’t do a Top Ten Tuesday list) and Thursday (since I want to do it at SOME point).  I thought about reviewing the series like books I have in the past, but there is just SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT with this series and because of its length it definitely takes me MUCH longer to get through just one book.  Not to mention despite liking these books tremendously, they do seem to have the unusual habit of putting me to sleep when I read them.  Four or five pages in and then I’m out like a light.  So, you can probably see my problem in reading these at any decent speed.  Anyway, since I don’t want to review these in a normal capacity I will probably hop around when it comes to talking about the books.  I might spend one session talking about Eddard Stark and then maybe spend the next session just talking about what crazy thing happened in the part of the series I’m currently in.

However, I think for today I will just spend some time talking about my feelings for the series overall.  I have my aunt to thank for getting me into this series.  She came down recently from the D.C. area and had a copy of A Game of Thrones with her and the challenge to read it in two weeks before she had to return (because she hadn’t read it yet and planned to do so eventually).  Understand, that this was a ~1000 page book and while I like to think I’m a fast reader, A Game of Thrones is no walk in the park.  Reading A Game of Thrones and its sequels has proven to be more like trying to trek through the North towards the Wall: long, dangerous, and tiring.  However, it was a challenge I was willing to accept since my aunt and I share many of the same interests in books.

So, I read it in about a week.  I’m not sure how I made it through the first one so quickly and haven’t had that sort of success with the others.  They’re exciting, don’t get me wrong, but the language is very dense and a LOT happens in each chapter.  It really bogs you down in reading.  I finished the first book though and quickly ran out to buy a copy of it and the sequels for myself.  I tried to also get my mom into the series, but she got even more bogged down than I did.

As of right now, I am on book three: A Storm of Swords and not even half way done.  Still, I like where some of the plot threads are going and find myself really invested in some characters.  I’ll get into who my favorites are and who can go throw themselves to the Others in future installments, but let’s just say that if they have Stark in their blood and a direwolf by their side I tend to be a fan.

Despite its ability to put me right to sleep I do enjoy the series.  True, some parts are more enjoyable than others and there are some character perspectives I could care less about, but I am a fan of the series as a whole.  I haven’t had the chance to check out the television series based on it, but I’ve heard that it, too, is pretty decent.  Sometimes I wish it didn’t jump around as much from character to character but I have to say I am impressed the author can juggle so many fleshed out and distinct characters without tripping over everyone.

I would say if you plan to check out this series be prepared to have a long read ahead of you and don’t be afraid to read other books on the side (which is what I’ve been doing).  Also, it is likely that if you get attached to a character they will die or get injured or SOMETHING before the day is done.  George R. R. Martin is a cruel author that way.  I don’t think it’s just for fantasy fans either.  While there ARE fantasy elements they aren’t as abundant as you would think (or hope for).  There are some mystic creatures involved, especially later with dragons, but it isn’t like elves traipsing everywhere and dwarves being surly in a mine somewhere (though it certainly leans more towards the epic fantasy world of Lord of the Rings than anything else).  I typically don’t go for the high fantasy stuff anyway but something about A Game of Thrones just called to me and here we are three books in.

One thing I should probably ask and say before finishing this introduction up.  Please do not spoil the books for me or others.  I don’t want to know what’s going to happen to characters before I get there (as a note I am on page 336 of book 3).  However, also keep in mind that this is MY blog so I might talk about spoilers for parts of the series I’m in.  I’ll try to remember to warn about such things though.

Until next Game of Thronesday remember: Winter is Coming.