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Chapter 8: Blackout

Well, I sure as heck haven’t been posting to this blog as often as I thought I would.  I’d like to apologize for that.  Half the point of keeping a blog is to post to it on a regular basis and here it has been at least TWO WEEKS since I last posted anything.  Shame on me!

Regardless, let’s see if I can’t fix that now, shall we?  As you all know I started this blog partly because of what I read in Newsflesh #1: Feed and since then the last part of that trilogy has come out.  So who do you think ran out and bought it as soon as they could?  This girl right here, that’s who!  Which brings us to the book I’m looking at today: Blackout.

Now with zombie bears!

Blackout picks up immediately where our last novel left off: Georgia is dead, Shaun is talking to his imaginary copy of his sister and slowly going insane, and there is a new strain of the zombie plague out there which is passed on by mosquitoes.  Well, let me refresh one of those points.  Georgia isn’t actually dead…she’s been cloned and the conspiracy is just getting worse from there.

This book is different from the past two in that we flip back and forth between George and Shaun as narrators, at least until they converge paths and even then the chapters are still divided between them.  I liked that aspect a lot since we spent the majority of the first book with George, the second book with Shaun, and so it seems only right to culminate the trilogy with their joint perspectives.  I know not a lot of people like shifting perspectives in novels, but I feel as though it worked here because obviously you want to find out what Shaun is up to but you also want to be with Georgia as she discovers more about the clone problem and the CDC behind it.  It certainly had me curious as to how the two would converge and, sure enough, it’s done in such a way that it DOESN’T feel like pure coincidence that they find each other.

I will say that the zombie problem isn’t as forward in this book but, again, it makes sense given what we are dealing with.  Sure there are a few scenes with zombie hoards and killing zombies, but the protagonists are no longer journalists going out their and poking zombies with sticks.  Our characters are now on the run and underground trying to solve a huge conspiracy involving the CDC and the government.  The zombies are still very much a part of that, but you aren’t going to get the same kind of action.  But, oh, is there a lot of action in this one.  It’s not the same as going out and poking dead things with sticks…but this novel is still very much a part of the same page turner series that I’ve come to love.

I’m honestly not sure what else I can say about this book that I haven’t already said in the reviews of the first two parts.  It’s a nice end to the trilogy.  It brings closure without completely ending the world.  After all, this is set in a very realistic world and life goes on even after the final chapter of a book.  You know that George and Shaun continue their lives in as much peace as you can get in the zombie apocalypse and that is satisfying enough.  I wouldn’t say it wraps things neatly in a bow, mind you, but it’s a very nice end to a trilogy without leaving everything wide open.

Rating: 5 out of 5 zombies dancing in a music video.