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52 Books in 2012 – The Halfway Mark

While I haven’t really talked about it on this blog much (though you can see my official list over on the sidebar) this year not only marks my first attempt at book reviews and blogging, but also my first attempt at a reading challenge.  I started this challenge actually on livejournal, before the site became crappy and there was even a community of us doing this.  Heck, I was so organized with this I had a book picked out for every week that I was going to read (52 weeks in a year after all).  As you can imagine, a lot of that has fallen through.  I no longer pick books ahead of time or have a list of works I’m going to read and I no longer check livejournal, but…

a) I’m the kind of person who sometimes just grabs a book on a whim and goes “I’M GOING TO READ THIS NOW”

and b) Game of Thrones happened which, as you know, takes MUUUUUCH longer than a week to read (at least for me).

I had also planned on reading more “classical” novels since there are SEVERAL works of literature out there that I never encountered during my undergraduate OR graduate studies in college.  Sometimes that makes me feel like I missed out but other times I realize that I spent over 5 years reading “required” works and wanted to read my own selection of literature for a change.  True, I trudged my way through Dracula and The Scarlet Letter , but so far the majority of my books have been pleasure reading.  I really want to fix this in the next couple of months and I will likely be forced to as I prepare to teach high school kids and will need to refresh myself on various works of literature that they will be required to read.

So far though I am pretty pleased with myself.  Yes, I should read more of the “classics,” but it is just nice to know that I’ve been able to maintain a decent reading pace through the year.  Granted, seeing as I’ve been unemployed since January that hasn’t been difficult.  The true test will come in August when I have to juggle my reading with classes and teaching (fun).  However, I am halfway through my goal and it is halfway through the year so I figure I’m doing pretty good.  I know in the past I have read a lot, but this is my first time actually trying to see just how many books I can read in a year.  The first half has been promising…I can only hope that this continues.